Hey, I'm Gareth Perkin, a Product Design Lead based in London.

I design to solve real user problems & to create beautiful products & services people love to use.

With over 10 years experience in the design world, I've worked internationally in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA. Currently living in London, working with startups and larger organisations as a UX contributor, design manager and contractor.

As the Creative Director at itcher I recruited and led my own UX team and thrived working in a fast-paced, agile startup. Notably; I was involved in our partnership with Google and together we produced one of the first featured Google Home apps; itcher for Google Home.

Recently, I have been working in an Agile/Scrum environment as design lead and product manager leading a cross-functional team on a number of key domains for Schibsted Marketplaces. In my next role, I'm looking to take on a challenge, whilst continuing my management and leadership journey by inspiring and nurturing a team of designers.

Leadership Skills

  • - Product Design Lead
  • - Facilitating Workshops
  • - Design System Mgnt
  • - Design Reviews
  • - Mentoring Designers
  • - Product Management
  • - Feature Prioritisation
  • - Public Speaking
  • - Product Design Lead
  • - Agile/Scrum

What I've been doing

Workshops / Collaborative Work
Northstar Design Language
Interactive Children's Stories
Side project
A bit of fun
More to come soon